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Whether you are looking to discover your own personal nutrient needs or for ways to improve your health, you will need to have the right tools. The most powerful tools available to you today are in the form of home-based tests.

These tests allow you to dynamically assess your needs and condition with great accuracy and gives you the information you need to help you achieve optimal nutrition and to resolve health related problems.

It also helps you reduce the risk of developing serious conditions, including
diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancer.
BalanceYourNutrition provides the most convenient home tests, together with resources and information on the essential nutrients that matter, to help you take control of your nutrition and health First time visitors.

Our Bioanalysis Center helps you discover and monitor your health status for important minerals, cholesterol and more.

You will know your own bio-status; whether it be a mineral imbalance or high cholesterol level that you should immediately correct to improve your condition. Determining tissue storage of minerals, monitoring cholesterol, and determining your bio-status for several important nutrients, has never been easier. Click here or select from the menu on the left to discover more about convenient hair mineral analysis, cholesterol testvitamin test, osteoporosis test  and the other tests we offer.

Get a free dietary analysis on-line

that will help you assess your nutrient intakes. Follow our link to access easy-to-use research quality analysis

Free guides on nutrition, diseases and diets

that you can download on-line or get by free-post, and much more. Visit our Resources section

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"More and more people are now turning to home-testing kits"- says the WBAL Channel

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Ginseng: an effective blood glucose modulator?.
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BalanceYourNutrition Update on new dietary guidelines

The National Institute of Medicine revised their recommended intakes for several important nutrients. Do you know what the new recommendation are?
Go here to find out

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